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A Poem

I reach up for the stars

With arms covered in scars


And all at once I’m swept away

Down along and past the bay


Into the ocean I begin to sink

And I feel myself reach the brink


And then with a jolt I’m pulled back up

And given warm tea in a porcelain cup


But the drink burns and kindness is false

And I’m left twisting in this endless waltz


Curled up and crying, bleeding and hurt

And all around me the cruelty is alert


They feed from my pain and my tears too

Their eyes burning my back into a horrible tattoo


I tremble and shake as a familiar voice says

“Don’t worry little one because this is”


“The end of your troubles, your worries, your pains

Come with me and break mortal chains.”


I look up at him, his smile so warm

And as I gazed there came a refreshing storm


And at once I knew just who he was

The God of Death and I felt a buzz


I felt no fear for this kind, kind man

Because I knew that he had a plan


So I embraced him with no hesitation

And I felt that warming sensation


That said I was safe and that I was home

As he hummed to me a small marching tome


And into hell we both descended

And all at once my pain was ended.